Lead Poisoning Dangers in the Workplace

Lead Hazards & Poisoning in the Work Place

Lead poisoning is preventable. In the workplace one of the first steps is to identify possible hazards & alert the staff. By identifying these possible lead hazards & then testing these areas, business owners can ensure staff can be notified of the risks & a remediation plan can be discussed with a licensed lead abatement firm, such as New York State Lead. Examples of potential lead hazards, are peeling paint & old window frames. There are also certain workplaces that are more subject to lead hazards, such as manufacturing, plumbing, construction, roadwork, etc. Implementing best practices like wearing protective gear, proper washing of hands & exposed body parts & then changing into clean clothes after the work day is done is important step to stop possible lead contamination outside the work place. Regular checkups for blood lead levels is also suggested for employees that have constant exposure to lead hazards.

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