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If you are a:

  • Homeowner
  • Parent with a child
  • Planning on having a baby
  • Preparing to rent or purchase a new home or property
  • Property manager or Management Company
  • Received a New York City Violation from HPD (Housing Preservation & Development)
  • Received a New York City Violation from DOH (Department of Health)
  • Received a New York State or Federal violation
  • Operate or own a daycare center or child facility/school
  • Own or manage HUD buildings

We can be of service to you! Let us insure your home or property is lead safe and lead hazard free for your child. We will come out to your home or property we will perform a visual inspection, test for lead paint and lead hazards, review any violations you may have, and prepare a fair and honest proposal for you.


Lead Testing


  • XRF Lead Paint Testing
  • Dust Wipes / Clearance
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Personal Items, Furniture, Etc.

Abatement & Removal


  • Lead / City Violations - HPD & DOH
  • Pre Construction
  • Lead Removal
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Liquid Encapsulate



  • Explain & Identify Possible Lead Hazards Concerns
  • ​Home Maintenance 
  • ​Planning

Mold Remediation


  • Mold Inspections & Testing
  • Mold Remediation & Restoration
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Post Remediation Mold Clearance Testing

Lead Violation Corrections


NYC HPD & Dept. of Health issue lead paint violations on your home

  1. We will review the violations with you
  2. Address and correct all violations
  3. Prepare & deliver to you all documentations for submittal to the city agency to dismiss the violations

EPA Lead Paint Contractor


  • New York State Lead is trained & licensed in lead testing & abatement
  • We have been in the business since 1999
  • Have performed 1000’s of lead paint projects

Certifications & Licensing


Visual Inspection

Both the EPA & HUD require a visual inspection as a first step in the clearance process of lead paint abatement. A visual inspection is performed by a licensed NYSL inspector & is designed to determine if the area is free of visible dust & debris before lead dust testing can begin.

Property Managers

Did you know that property managers are required to inspect all their units every two years to ensure that no lead hazards are present in the properties they rent? Contact NYSL to make sure you are abiding by all Federal, State & City lead paint regulation. 

Do you own or operate a childcare facility?

Every childcare facility must be lead free, according to Federal, State & City laws. Call NYSL to have your inspection & remediation done.

Thinking of buying a new home?

Buying a home is an integral part of the American Dream. But that dream can become a nightmare if dangerous levels of lead are found on the walls of your home, or in your soil or water. Save money, aggravation, & potential health risks by calling NYSL before you think about buying a new home.

Leasing an apartment?

Having it tested. Have a NYSL inspector visit your property & show you how to live lead hazard free. 


Is there anything more important than your family? Let a trained NYSL risk assessor come to your residence & provide you with a thorough analysis of any & all lead hazards. If needed, we can provide you with a remediation plan to ensure that your home is lead hazard free.

Dust Wipes

A trained NYSL representative will take a Dust Wipe sample to test for lead on your site. Sample are collected from floors, interior window sills, & similar surfaces.

Remodeing /Renovations

If you are planning any remodeling or renovations on a property built before 197, even if you are doing work yourself, you should contact a NYSL specialist to ensure your home is not being exposed to lead hazards during the project.

Clearance Samples

The purpose of lead dust clearance is to determine if an area is safe for re-occupation. An EPA certified NYSL agent will take Clearance samples after renovation, repair, painting, cleanup activities are completed, or after a lead paint violation has been corrected in any property built before 1978.

About Us


Yossi Stern, owner of New York State Lead, has over a decade of lead testing, abatement & remediation experience and is EPA and HUD certified and licensed. The effects of lead poisoning can be devastating causing serious health issues and or thousands of dollars in violations for home owners. New York State Lead will help you keep your home/business safe and ensure that the lead is properly removed in accordance to city, state and federal rules and regulations. Yossi Stern and New York State Lead will work within your schedule and offer you times that are convenient for both you and your tenants and we will walk you through the project step-by-step. 

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