• Environmental remediation & abatement, such as lead removal, in NYC can be daunting
  • If you own rental properties, your site is governed by Federal, State & City laws & regulations; and is under the jurisdiction of four separate Federal & City agencies
  • If you are thinking of buying property or if you already own property & want to learn more about your responsibilities, you need to call New York State Lead
  • The experts at NYSL are fluent in all laws & regulations relating to lead paint removal & other environmental hazards. A call now will save you money, time & aggravation later


  • If you are a contractor, the professionals at New York State Lead can help ensure your work abides by all Federal, State & City regulations
  • Before beginning a project, NYSL will inspect the site, test for lead paint & can remove the paint safely
  • During the project we can hep ensure minimal environmental risk to your workers & the area around your worksite, such as dust management & assisting in the demolition & removal of leaded materials or other environmental hazards
  • Upon completion of the project, trust the experts at New York State Lead to safely clean u the site from all dangerous materials
  • All New York State Lead workers are Licensed, EPA Certified & Insured

Lead Paint Consulting

  • Allow Yossi Stern of New York State Lead to come to your home or property, explain to you the areas that may pose a lead hazard concern
  • Allow Yossi Stern of New York State Lead to teach you how you can maintain your home lead hazard free
  • Yossi can provide an ongoing lead paint safe maintenance plan for your property to insure your home or property always stays lead hazard free
  • All of our lead workers, supervisors, inspectors & risk assessors are trained certified & licensed by EPA, HUD & OSHA
  • We will prepare a fair & honest proposal for you to review