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Lead Hazard Inspection

Seen & Unseen

Homes, apartment buildings, & other residential properties built prior to 1978 often contain lead-based paint. Through normal wear-&-tear or during renovation projects, lead paint begins to deteriorate & release harmful lead & dust throughout the home, business, or industrial property. Dust & paint chips from the lead paint are a major source of lead poising for children & adults. Lead is especially dangerous to children under 6 years of age & can affect the child’s brain, as well as their developmental & nervous systems. Adult health hazards associated with lead poising include high blood pressure & hypertension. 

Paint is not the only source of lead in your home or property. Buildings constructed prior to 1978 may contain lead solder, brass fittings / fixtures & primary water service lines. The soil surrounding a building may also contain healthy levels of lead. Leaded gasoline, factory emissions, weathering & chipping of lead-based paint on the exterior of the building & dust from nearby construction sites can all contribute to lead concentrations in the soil. 

Lead Paint Testing

Latest Technology

We will come to your home or property using the latest technology in lead testing equipment to perform lead paint testing to determine if your home or property has lead paint or lead paint hazards.

Here are some of the kinds of lead paint testing we offer:

  1. Yossi of New York State Lead tests for the presence of lead paint on walls, ceilings, doors, windows, moldings, staircases, floors, and all other interior & exterior structures of the home that may contain lead paint. (Remember, peeling paint can drop to the floor and the chips of paint may be digested by your child).
  2. New York State Lead tests for the presence of lead dust in the air. (If you have wooden windows or wooden doors, you may be creating lead dust in your home. Or if there are renovations or construction being done in your home or nearby that can produce lead dust in your home that can be inhaled by your child).  
  3. New York State Lead tests for lead in the water. (If your home or property has old lead water lines, this will cause contamination of the water in your home. You may be bathing your child in contaminated water or preparing food with contaminated water. This can be digested by your child). 
  4. New York State Lead test for lead contamination in your soil. (Is your child playing in a front, side or backyard? Is your child playing at a local playground? The dirt and soil can be contaminated with lead paint chips and lead paint dust. Your child can be poisoned by exposure to the contaminated soil).  
  5. Do you manage HUD buildings, & need lead paint testing reports for HUD? Call us, we can perform all lead paint reports according to HUD standards.
  6. Have you recently completed a renovation project in your home, and you would like to know if any lead paint was disturbed? Call Yossi of New York State Lead. He will visit your home or property and test the renovated area for any lead dust that may have not been removed or cleaned up from your renovation project.
  7. Thinking about performing a renovation in your home or property? Have us test it for lead & make sure you do not create an environmental hazard in your home or property.
  8. Have you recently completed a Lead abatement project & need clearance? Call Yossi Stern of New York State Lead, & we will perform the lead paint clearance for your abatement project.
  9. We can provide our test results and a detailed report within an hour.
  10. Our EPA certified Risk Assessor & Inspector will explain to you in detail how the test was performed, what the results mean, & what needs to be done to correct any lead hazards.
  11. Our EPA certified Risk Assessor will show you how you can maintain your home or property LEAD HAZARD FREE.
  12. All of our inspectors are trained certified & licensed by EPA and HUD.
  13. We will prepare a fair & honest proposal for you to review.


Types of Lead Testing


X-Ray Florescent Testing:  Testing for the presence of lead paint in your home.


Soil lead testing is done to make sure that the soil does not have any contaminants of lead paint chips.


  1. Find out if there is lead dust in your home.
  2. Testing for post renovations, required by law.
  3. Obtain clearance for recently corrected violations.
  4. Find out if your child is crawling on the floors of your home with lead dust present.


Water samples can be taken from every faucet, the house line and the street line.

New York State Lead was 1 of only 2 contractors testing all New York City Public Schools in 2017.


Have an EPA trained & licensed risk assessor inspect your entire home to determine if there are any lead hazards present.