Child Finger Prick Blood Test

What does your Child’s Blood Test Mean?

Blood Tests Results For Lead Breakdown

A blood lead test is the only way to find out if a child has lead poisoning. Signs of lead poisoning are not always easy to see. Children can be poisoned by lead, but not look or act sick. Many children who have lead poisoning look and act healthy. Because of this, lead poisoning may go unrecognized.

A simple finger prick blood lead test will tell you how much lead is in your child’s blood. Lead can harm a child’s ability to learn, growth, & behavior. The lower the test result, the better.

Lead Test Results Breakdown
Lead Test Results Breakdown

If your child has tested positive for lead, call New York State Lead at 718-467-1500, for more information on having your home tested for lead hazards & to discuss ways to move forward with lead remediation & abatement.

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