Lead Contractor, Lead Paint Abatement & Violation Removal

1. Yossi Stern of New York State Lead will review any violation you may have and prepare a fair and honest proposal to have the lead removed for you. 

  • New York City DOH (Department of Health) violation: we will correct it.
  • New York City HPD (Department of Housing Preservation & Development) violation: we will correct it
  • Any New York State or Federal Lead Paint violation: we will correct it.

2. Our EPA certified lead abatement supervisor will explain to you step-by-step how we will correct the HPD or DOH violation or perform the abatement.

3. We can address, answer, file & submit ALL the documentation on your behalf to the appropriate agencies to remove the HPD or DOH violation or Lead notice you received.

4. We can conduct any abatement /removal of lead paint in your home or property.

5. We can chemical strip lead paint off of any structure & preserve the structure for you.

6. All of our Lead Abatement and Lead Removal projects are accomplished with the highest regard to the lead paint laws, rules & regulations.

7. All of our lead workers, supervisors, inspectors & risk assessors are trained certified and licensed by EPA, HUD and OSHA.

8. We only use HEPA equipment.

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We provide this service in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.

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NYSL uses the most advanced methods in removing & abating lead from your home & property.

Lead Paint Removal & Abatement Techniques

Wet Scraping & Liquid Encapsulation


  • Technique where all peeling leaded paint is removed. 
  • Then the surface is wet & covered with an City and State approved encapsulat that bonds materials to the existing painted surface. 



  • One way of reducing exposure to lead paint is to cover the surface with a new surface & doesn't require the removal of the lead paint.

Removal or Replacement


  • Sometimes it is just easier to replace windows &/or sills, doors, or woodwork than it is to remove lead-based paint.
  • This avoids the creation of the dust & chips that become an airborne hazard. 

Chemical Stripping


  • New York State Lead utilizes environmentally safe and EPA approved products to remove lead based paint from your walls.