Lead in your Soil?

Contaminated Soil

Did you know by far, the most common type of contaminant in an urban soil is lead. As the kids play in the yard, they could be exposed to lead in the soil. These increased levels of lead can come from exterior lead-based paint, industrial sources and leaded gasoline deposits. Lead does not breakdown over time, so lead in the past can still present problems today.

Places with higher levels of soil can be found is near roadways, where vehicle emissions from leaded gasoline can get in the air, & near a building perimeter that used lead based paint (think building built before 1978) where the paint has deteriorated in to chips & dust, or from activities that involve renovation & remodeling.

According to the EPA, lead is naturally present in soil at levels between 15 – 40 parts lead per million parts of soil (ppm). Soils in urban areas can exceed 200 ppm. The EPA’s standard for lead in play areas is 400 ppm.

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